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Pink Pearl Song

Voice of the Pink Mermaid Princess

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Hime chan Aino


BFFs are Love

Princess SaraPrincess CarenPrincess HanonPrincess LuciaPrincess RinaPrincess NoelPrincess Coco

Well, That's Life, I Guess.
I have a very large spectrum of fandoms which extend from old-school classics like The Perils of Penelope Pitstop and Sailor Moon to retro cult classics like Clue and Pee-Wee's Playhouse to recently released media like Sucker Punch and Mermaid Melody.

I also like to talk non-stop about my fandoms, many of which are full of girly cuteness. If you think I'm crazy, well, I know you are but what am I? I don't have time for wankers and other jerks who just want to spoil my fun. So if you're the kind who would vandelize a playground, please leave or prepare to be very annoyed.

Wadsworth and Mrs. White dolls made by foreverharley. All others made by me.

CLUE MOOD THEME made by me with caps provided by a1cmustangpilot of screencaps_247.

I don't like doing friends cuts, but I do them if I have to. One sure-fire way to get banned for life is to leak.

DixiePee-WeeMiss Yvonne

Yu-Gi-Oh!GX colorbars by nevermore199

Jaden/Alexis(Juudai/Asuka) is Love

Baby!Alexis(Asuka) is Love

Pharoah is Neko Neko Love

The avatar dolls were made by me at Gaia.com. You can make your own HERE! It's fun, easy and FREE!!!

allison iraheta, animaniacs, anything pink and pretty, anzu mazaki, ashita no nadja, asuka tenjouin, ayashi no ceres, ballet, beethoven, bible, black magician girl, captain planet, cardcaptor sakura, carrie underwood, catherine howard, cats, charles schulz, chlark, chloe sullivan, chocolate, chou kuse ni narisou, churasan, cinderella, clamp, conservative, cosmo/wanda, cosplay, daphne, dexter's laboratory, dixie, dolls, domon/rain, ellen greene, fairly odd parents, fairy tales, famke jansen, fred/daphne, fujiko mine, full metal alchemist, g-gundam, garfield, gilligan's island, god, gundam wing, heero/relena, hello kitty, i dream of jeannie, indiana jones, indy/marion, janet waldo, janice kawaye, jesus, johann carlo, juudai/asuka, kaguya hime, kaiba/isis, karen allen, kath soucie, kim possible, kodocha, legos, lesley ann warren, link, link/zelda, little red riding hood, love, lupin iii, lynne marie stewart, madeline kahn, magic knight rayearth, mai kujaku, mai/jounouchi, mario, mario/peach, marion ravenwood, married with children, mermaid melody, miss yvonne, miyazaki, mst3k, nintendo, old school strawberry shortcake, otma, patch the pirate, patrick stewart, paul lynde, peanuts, pee-wee's playhouse, pee-wee/miss yvonne, penelope pitstop, peppermint patty, perils of penelope pitstop, peter paul and mary, petite cossette, pink pearl voice, pink roses, pinky and the brain, pizza, pointe, powerpuff girls, princess daisy, princess peach, princess tutu, princess zelda, pro-life, quando omni flunkus moritati, rainbow brite, red green show, rob paulsen, robin/starfire, ron/kim, sailor moon, sailor venus, samantha parkington, scooby-doo, scott/jean, sewing, shakespeare, sleeping beauty, small world, smallville, speed racer, speed/trixie, steve smith, sucker punch, super mario brothers, swan, swan lake, tchaikovsky, teen titans, that 70s' show, the hooded claw, the legend of zelda, the oblongs, the snorks, the sopranos, tiny snow fairy sugar, tiny toon adventures, totally spies, tress macneille, vic mignogna, walker texas ranger, wedding peach, weird al, wheeler/linka, winx club, x-files, yu-gi-oh, yu-gi-oh gx, yugi/anzu

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