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Title: Chapter 3: What a Dream!
Author: ainohimeliz
Fandom: The Pee-Wee Herman Show, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Pee-Wee's Playhouse
Pairings: Pee-Wee/Miss Yvonne, Captain Carl/Dixie
Genre: Historical Comedic Fairytale Parody with Vampires
Rating: Teen
Summary: Pee-Wee Herman's I-Love-That-Story Fairytale Theatre presents a wacky retelling of Twelve Dancing Princesses.
Disclaimer: Yeah, I totally got Paul Reubens permission to write this clearly unauthorized fan-fiction and if you believe that, I have some lovely ocean-front property in Tennessee to sell you.
NOTE: Contains historical characters, but little to no historical accuracy, so don't bother me with corrections. I've done the research and am purposely using artistic licences.
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It didn't take Pee-Wee very long to find Carl lying in a daze in the empty ally. "Which way did he go?" he shouted.

"She took the loot and ran," Carl said rubbing his head.

Pee-Wee was a bit shocked, "The boy was a girl? How did you find out?"

"Well, I...that's not important. Where the hell have you been?" Carl demanded.

"Talking to that Turk in the bar. When I told him my story, he gave me this box. What a nice guy!" Pee-Wee held up a large unopened parcel triumphantly.

Carl wasn't impressed. Something that light-weight couldn't have been worth the struggle, "And what about drug dealing?"

Pee-Wee shook his head, "The turk said he's already got his best agent on the case."

Carl groaned, "Great. Now this night was a complete loss."

"No it wasn't. We still got this box. I wonder what's inside?" Pee-Wee mused as he started to untie the strings that held the package closed.

"A box, now we're rich," Carl said doubtfully.

Pee-Wee paused from his struggle with the wrapping, "Okay, Mr. Smarty-Pants, why did you let that girl get away?"

"She, well...that's not important."

"Really? Was she pretty?"


"And the kissing?"


"Gotcha!" Pee-Wee finally opened the parcel, "An old cabinet? That guy ripped me off!" Pee-Wee started to open the cabinet door, "I wish I knew where that little girlfriend or yours was going. Hey wait! I do know where she's going!"


"It just popped into my head out of nowhere."

"Sorry I asked."

"Wait here, Carl!" Pee-Wee shouted running away into the night. He didn't really know where he was going, but somehow he knew he was in the right direction.

Pee-Wee must have ran for at least a mile into the dark dense forest. He could see no sign of the girl from the tavern but he wasn't about to turn back. Finally, a tiny light beamed through the trees. Pee-Wee slowed down and approached the light with caution. A few more feet and the light was accompanied by a music box playing in the background. He stopped just short of the source. Not making a sound, he stayed hidden behind the tall trees, closed his eyes and listened:

"It must be thrilling, sneaking into the village dressed as a boy, Dixie. It's so much fun to be naughty. How I envy that rush you must get," said the first voice.

"Real pathetic, Dottie," said a second.

"Now, Susan, let's not be mean," said a third, "But seriously, Dixie, perhaps you should limit your ventures into town. You make us all worry so."

"Forget about it, Yvonne," said a fourth, "I'm a pro."

Yvonne? Could it be? Pee-Wee peaked out from behind the tree at the sound of the name. She had the same blue eyes and fire-red hair, but it was her smile that Pee-Wee recognised in a heartbeat. The years had certainly been good to her.

The next girl popped her head out of the dress that she had been struggling to put on and tossed her black hair back. She stood with the dress sloppily hanging on her petite frame. She must have been changing her clothes. She had to be the girl from the tavern. Carl was right! She is a girl.

Yvonne helped the raven haired girl with the closure of her dress, "I don't doubt your abilities, Dixie; I just think that, considering the possible consequences for your actions, maybe your efforts aren't worth it."

Dixie just gave her a mischievous grin, "Oh really?" she said gesturing towards her sack which was lying on a table made of a large rock covered with a bed sheet, set with a lantern, several old dented goblets and a bottle of milk. Five smaller boulders topped with pillows surrounded the "table" in place of chairs.

Yvonne seemed intrigued, "Dare I ask what's in your bag?"

A tiny auburn-haired girl who looked significantly younger than the others was playing with a large music box. She darted over to Dixie and Yvonne. She was pulled back by taller girl with brown hair, "Hold on there, Pun'kin, let Big Sister make sure it's safe first." The brunette snatched up the sack that had been lying on the table and peered inside, "Oh-ho-ho, you are a bad, bad girl."

Another girl ran up to the brunette in excitement. She had long blond curls, "You didn't!?!"

"Oh, but she did. Ladies, we are in the presence of chocolate." Yvonne announced pulling the brick out of the bag and holding it up triumphantly.

The blond girl threw her arms around Dixie, "Little sister, you are the best."

But Yvonne held her ground as the protective leader of the group, "Dixie, we thank you very much for your generous gift. Now, please, don't venture out again. We have everything we need right here."

The brunette rolled her eyes, "Our own clearing in the forest, we are such lucky ducks."

"Now Susan," Yvonne replied to the brunette, "Do not speak ill of our secret place where we make our own magic. With sisters for company and room to practice our dancing, what else could we be lacking?"

"A man?" Susan provided.

"Why not?" chirped the blond happily, "I wish to dance with a man tonight!"

"Dottie, you know we can't." Yvonne firmly replied to the blond.

Dottie was friendly but serious, "If this is where we can wish for anything, why not wish for a handsome man to dance with under the moonlight."

"Forget it, that wish goes beyond our ability to make our own magic," said Dixie. Her expression gave the impression that she knew how to press Yvonne's buttons.

The one they called 'Pun'kin' frowned. When Yvonne saw the tiny girl's disappointed face she changed her mind, "May it never be! If we wish for it hard enough, we can have anything our hearts desire. Ladies, I request the circle of sisterhood." The girls formed a circle linking their pinkie-fingers at their sides and holding their arms up to the sky. "Oh good fairies that guard this sanctuary, our sacred circle calls out to you. Together we ask you to please send us a handsome prince to dance with tonight. Everyone wish with all your heart!" They closed their eyes in concentration.

As Pee-Wee watched, he couldn't help but wish, "If only Yvonne were thinking of me." Something inside was calling him to make his presence known. He stepped into the clearing, approached Yvonne and placed his hand on her shoulder.

Yvonne turned around startled and let out a muted scream when she saw a the young man standing there. The other girls quickly opened their eyes and froze at the sight.

There was a deep silence. Pee-Wee was so excited, he didn't know what to say. Think like a prince, Dummy. he thought to himself. Suddenly, he knew what to do. He bowed to Yvonne, took her hand, and kissed it, "May I have this dance, your imperial highness."

Yvonne turned to her sisters. An echo of giggles erupted from the group of girls as they pushed her forward to accept Pee-Wee's invitation. Yvonne curtsied. Slowly, the couple found their way into closed position.

Susan gave Dixie a knowing jab, "Maestro! The waltz."

Dixie changed the metal disk on the music box and cranked it up to full. Sweet sounding music filled the air. In all Pee-Wee's years of traveling, he had learned to dance, but never had he danced with such a beautiful girl. The pair started to waltz carefully at first, but with a constantly growing confidence that drew the interest of the other girls. They danced along side the couple awaiting their turn.

Dottie was the first to politely cut in, "Share with your sisters, Yvonne," she said as she started to dance with Pee-Wee.

A few measures later, Pee-Wee felt a tug at his pant leg. When he turned around little Pun'kin playfully hopped onto his toes. Her tiny size wasn't going to keep her from having a turn.

Then Susan stepped in, cleared her throat and waited for Pee-Wee to ask her to dance. He pretended not to notice her, but gave in after toying with her for a moment or two.

Dixie didn't waste any time. When her turn came up, she cut in without a word, pushing her older sister out of the way.

Pee-Wee enjoyed dancing with all five girls, but all the while, he wished to dance with Yvonne. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see her dancing along to the music nearby but just out of reach. Was she avoiding him or was she engaging in a game of tag? They always do play hard to get. he thought.

When Dixie's turn was finished, Susan turned to Pee-Wee for another turn. Pee-Wee made an accepting gesture, but seizing his opportunity, he made a sharp step-turn and pulled Yvonne close to him. With a feeling of ecstasy, he spun her around in the air and caught her again in a finishing dip. How I miss that lovely smile of hers. He thought looking into her eyes.

The music ended. Yvonne's sisters gathered around the couple leaned in as if anticipating a kiss. Noticing the others had stopped dancing to stare, Yvonne's face turned as red as her hair. The opportunity had ended and the other girls groaned in disappointment. It seemed to Pee-Wee that Yvonne had lost her composure for a moment.

Dottie stepped in between the couple with the bottle of milk, "Shall we toast to this wonderful evening?"

Yvonne took the bottle, ran back to the makeshift table and started to fill the dented goblets, "Indeed we must. Sisters, would you be so kind?"

Dottie and Susan handed out the filled goblets one by one while Dixie served everyone a piece of the coveted chocolate. Pun'kin kept Pee-Wee occupied by putting on a little improvisational show for him. Finally, Yvonne approached Pee-Wee with the last two goblets and graciously handed him one.

As if taking a signal from Yvonne, the girls raised their goblets, "To this wonderful night and our honored guest." she said.

"No, to you," Pee-Wee smiled, "The most beautiful Grand Duchess in the world!"

The other girls giggled and they chimed in all at once, "Cheers!"

As if trying to follow protocol, Pee-Wee finished his drink in one gulp, "A very good year."

As the other girls finished their snack, Yvonne lead him to one of the little rock chairs. "Comfortable?"

"Never better." he wasn't lying. This was the best night of his life. He didn't want it to end.

Dixie started the music again. The girls started to dance together. They certainly were beautiful dancers; hypnotic even. They made everything else in the world disappear. All the pains he endured while searching for his princess; all the events that had taken place in the town; all the more productive things he could be doing at the moment; Pee-Wee could feel them floating away into oblivion. With the smile of a sappy, happy dope, he watched the girls as if they had all been caught up in a sea of clouds. Slowly they disappeared from sight as he fell into a deep sleep.

To Be Continued...

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Sep. 1st, 2012 01:17 am (UTC)
So sweet and awesome. ♥ :D
Sep. 4th, 2012 05:11 pm (UTC)
Thanks, hun, I wish more people would read this. *hugs*
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